How much do your sessions cost?

      Family & Newborn session pricing starts are slightly different due to the time invested into each is so different. Contact me to get a comprehensive price list.

      What age should my baby be when you photograph them?

      Honestly: any age. I photograph babies from 2 weeks through to 12 months in the studio. If you’re after the curly, sleepy baby images, these are typically around 2 weeks old, however I can get older babies to sleep too. I don’t guarantee fresh newborn sessions during Covid, as we may be isolating and/or unwell so we just go with the flow and get you in as soon as we can!

      I have older children – can they be included in my newborn session?

      Absolutely, yes!

      Can I bring my dog to my session?

      I love dogs (we have our own 14yo fur baby named Charlie) however due to health and safety reasons I will not allow animals in my newborn studio. This is out of respect for the many people who visit me with their tiny babies.

      The outdoor locations I shoot in are typically national parks and Parks Victoria mandate that dogs are not permitted in these locations, but we can chat if you really want your dog involved and work out a location to suit.

      Do you do albums?

      Yes, I offer stunning 10×10 inch linen bound albums: see my Instagram story highlights to see them, along with other beautiful products

      Will you do larger format printing?

      Yes, I can offer up to 40×30″ prints and I have a local framer whom I recommend for framing. They can often help match existing framed displays you already have in your home.

      Do you do vouchers?

      I only offer vouchers to those that are already booked in with me. So if you have a friend that’s booked me already for their newborn session and you would like to contribute to their session, I’m more than happy to help you.

      I strictly do not do gift vouchers for people who have not booked in with me themselves, as the right photographer is something I have found to be a very personal thing that people like to choose themselves.

      Why are family sessions so late in the day?

      Oh, it’s all about that beautiful, glorious light! I shoot about 45 mins prior to sunset, so keep this in mind when deciding what time of the year you’d like to book your session (as during daylight savings, a start time is typically around 7:30pm). Despite the time, most children do wonderfully at these sessions as there is enough stimulus to incite exploration, wonder and observation (what I wish to capture). Winter sessions are at around 2:30pm. If you really want a family session but don’t want to stay up so late, I have a spot we can go, it just means your location options are limited.

      How long does it take to receive our images?

      My turn-a-round time to receive your gallery is 3 weeks and add on another 2 weeks approximately to have your chosen printed products back and posted to your doorstep.

      What should I wear and how do I prepare?

      All clients that book in with me receive a welcome guide that includes all this handy information!

      What if we are put into lockdown when I’m supposed to have my session?

      Its important to be aware that any plans we make in the times we currently live in are never guaranteed. In the event of a lockdown, I am a non-essential business and all sessions will need to be postponed until I have been given clearance to operate by the Victorian State Government. This may mean that your newborn baby may not be as little as you would have hoped when they are photographed. Rest assured that, as an experienced photographer, I have created beautiful galleries for people who were affected by lockdowns and the health and safety of our community trumps photo sessions taking place within a specific time period. I am not a ‘posed’ newborn photographer, so the chances are you will book me for my style of photography which is all baby-led and natural.

      Also take comfort in knowing you can cancel your session if you decide the wait is too long and you no longer want to go ahead with the session. I will refund your deposit, no questions asked!

      Thank you.