My girl. 2 years, 6 months.

      She is not as boisterous as she used to be. She can become shy around people that she does not see very often. She enjoys playing on her own, however the ‘idea’ of going to play with other kids really excites her.

      She is in child care 2 days and she does really well there. She clings to me before I go and tries to pin me down, I’m pretty sure she’d like me to hang out with her all day which is weird! You’d think she’d be happy to be rid of me!

      She’s learning shapes at the moment. She is great with her colours and although she won’t do it on demand, she can recite the alphabet perfectly (even the l-m-n-o-p bit!) and count to 10.

      She’s loving baa-baa-black sheep at the moment (as far as nursery rhymes go). Adores The Wiggles, Emma, Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly….but there is one clear winner in Olivia’s eyes.

      F R O Z E N

      Or “Anna Elsa” as she calls it. She is absolutely obsessed and as I type this, she is wearing her Elsa dress. Her favourite book is a big toy catalogue I picked up from the nice toyshop in Southland, and she goes straight to the page with the little girls modelling the Elsa dresses. She just stares at it. Occasionally she’ll point and say to me “That one Mum” and I go along with it and say “OK, no worries, we’ll go to the shops and get you one”. I pick my battles…..

      On the weekend we had our very first tantrum at the Supermarket, because she spotted the Anna & Elsa dolls they were selling and I wouldn’t let her have them (they were $50!! I am so mean).

      I must admit that I occasionally find the constant need for stimulating her little sponge of a brain exhausting – I struggle to keep up with her and I have learned not to underestimate her.

      We finally QUIT the dummy 2 weeks ago, and she is going great. Wasn’t nearly as hard as we thought it would be.

      Liv loves to draw and she is starting to get really good at it, pointing to what she has done and telling me what it is.

      She loves to paint. We went and visited her friend Madison at hospital on Friday. Madi was in for the week due to the nature of the chemo she is having at the moment and we wanted to go in and see her so she had a sense of normal in her days of being there. We had such a great time – the play room was fantastic and Liv & Mads painted, played doctors (they LOVED that) and made cups of tea and made dinner in the little kitchen. Liv & Mads were born 1 day apart in that very hospital, and Lynds & I shared the same OB!

      Liv does not like the Naughty Corner but I use it when I have to. Daddy had his first experience in the Naughty Corner on Saturday night – we walked up to our local Thai restaurant for dinner (Liv had a whole can of lemonade and some handfuls of coconut rice – food is hard at the moment) and on the way home Liv wasn’t happy with something Adam did so she stopped, pulled him to the side of the footpath and told him in no uncertain terms that he was in the “Noy Corner” and he had to “Stay there”. Hahahahaha!!!

      Liv is really cheeky at home with us – she loves to turn away from you, look over her shoulder and say “I gonna GET YOUUUUUUU” which means we have to chase her and “get” her, after which she bursts into fits of giggles and it really is a delight to do.

      Of course, my child aint perfect and I’m not a perfect mum by any stretch. But we work together really well and while Adam & I love having a night out together ever few months or so, we always find ourselves missing Liv and can’t wait to get home and watch her sleeping.