Older baby Studio Sessions

      Prior to 2020, I used to turn away families with baby’s older than 4 weeks. I didn’t have the time on top of the demand of having so many newborn clients, and because of this, I lacked experience in photographing this age. A global pandemic changed all of that! Babies that were due throughout most of 2020/1 were unable to come in so I found myself routinely photographing babies aged 2 – 3 months old for almost 2 years.

      It was an eye-opener for me: I expected families to come in feeling disappointed but rather it was the opposite. Families had bonded, babies knew and adored their parents faces, meaning expression and connection was quite simply, lovely. I captured everything: babies contently breastfeeding, having a little sleep, wide awake and
      smiling brightly. The galleries were some of the biggest I’d ever delivered, because if there was one thing I was determined to do, it was to give these families something they could never have anticipated after not being able to show their babies off for the first couple of months of their lives. Whilst I couldn’t control the time babies could come in, I could control what I delivered to families.

      Now, I routinely have people wait until their baby is 2 or 3 months old to come in, and it’s particularly ideal for those that don’t want to come in the studio when their baby is 2 weeks old.