Surrounded by their closest family, friends, the chirping birds and the laughing Kookaburra, Felicity & Rocky were married in true style.

      I laughed a lot and smiled for three beautiful people coming together.

      Also my first wedding where the bride requested a selfie with me. Yeah, she was ace.


      Emily, you’re fantastic! Wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to capture such a momentus day but you. Great job… x

      Em, you have some serious talent xx

      These photos brought tears to my eyes. I have know Felicity since the day dot as Linda and I were pregnant together. Our girls grew up together and still remain close friends. I am so happy she has found someone to love (a gorgeous looking one at that, lol)
      Beautiful photos:)

      WoW!! Wow!! WOW!!! 😀

      Emily they are the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. They made me cry all over again. 🙂

      LoVe LOve LOVe

      Thanks Felicity! Lovely to see your comment here – feel free to share the blog post with whoever you like x