What People Said

      Angie, brand new mum to baby Lia. Quoted:

      “Omg I can’t stop crying! They are everything I dreamed of and more! You are bloody amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!!”

      Stacey. Brand new Mumma! Said this:

      Ohhhhh myyyy goooodnnesss! 

      I expected great things from your shoot (of course) but they have exceeded my expectations! You are so talented and have captured such a special part of our lives- every shot will be treasured. They had me in tears”.

      Stuart. World’s Best Dad. Said this:

      “Anyone that knows me knows that I do not give praise often, nor do I give it lightly. But I have just looked through the photos of my family that Emily has taken, and I am lost for words. Actually, I might even have to google a suitable synonym to express the enormity of just how ‘amazing’ her photography skills are! These prints just round off what was a truly fantastic session, albeit the midst of Winter. You really have captured the true individual souls of these kids on film”.

      Lisa. Proud Mum of two girls. Said this:

      “Hi Emily, I have just had a run through of all photos. I can’t tell you just how much Dave and I love these. As I was looking through them I had tears running down my cheeks. You have truly captured each and every one of us. You are so incredibly talented. I can’t thank you enough for capturing these memories and moments for us. Once I get a couple up on Facebook I will tag you and I will certainly coming back to you to do this over and over. Now I feel like I am just babbling but I had to let you know just how much of an affect these had on me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

      Jen. Mum of five beautiful daughters. Said this:

      “These  photos mean so much to me. I will never ever be able to explain to you how much I adore them. I have been waiting ( dying ) to see them, thank you SO MUCH”.

       Krystle. Mum of a gorgeous little boy and a cutie pie little girl. Said this:

      “OMG!!!!!!  I bloody cried! They are just so perfect! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Please know that your photos mean more than you’ll ever know and they will very much be treasured. Thank you”.

      Melissa. Gorgeous yet self conscious Mum of two lovely babes. Said this:

      “Omg Emily I love my photos so much. Thank you thank you thank you xox”.

      Rachel. Mum of a toddler and new baby boy. Said this:

      “Christmas came early today when these came in the mail! I am so in love with every single picture. Cannot thank you enough for these precious memories”.

      Nicci. A first time Mum having the nervous experience of her first photoshoot. Said this:

      Oh my! I have no words they are absolutely amazing Emily! Absolutely beautifully done I love every single one of them xxxxxxx thank you so much!”

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