A bunch of beautiful souls gathered on Monday for the Yan Fam Way Workshop in at Sarah Black’s property in Sorrento.

      I was immediately engulfed in a big warm hug from Yan as I arrived and she asked me my name (believe it or not this doesn’t always happen at workshops). All the while, smiling at you with those eyes that really look at you (I swear she can see straight into you!)

      There was no mucking about, we got deep straight away and I think we were all shocked at how quickly we opened up, but this is thanks to the atmosphere and sincere warmth that Yan projects.

      I wish I had of known about the butt-clenching right off the bat (thanks Laura).

      Even though I walked away heavy with ideas, I also feel so much lighter thanks to the 1:1 beautiful advice from this person, the girls I met (so wonderful to meet you wonderful women) and the practical exercises we went through on the day.

       To Yan, to Sarah (for such beautifully caring hospitality on the day and for allowing us into your stunning home) and to each and every one of you ladies who were there and didn’t hold back and shared a part of you that in turn helped us all:

      T H A N K  Y O U